highly effective tips for meeting women

Meeting women can seem quite difficult or even nearly impossible for shy or inexperienced men. Even tying your shoes can seem difficult if you don’t know how to do it. Here are 5 outstanding tips that can help any man explode his success at meeting women.
Number one. Start small. One of the biggest mistakes some shy or inexperienced guys make is trying to pursue an extremely beautiful woman. Chances are you will be too nervous around her and end up making a fool out of your-self. Your best bet is to start small. Begin approaching average attractive women whom seem friendly and approachable.
Number two. Work the percentages. What I mean by that is that success with women is a numbers game. A certain amount of women will say yes to your advances and the rest will say no. You must train yourself to easily move on from one pick up attempt to the next while maintaining an optimistic attitude.
Number three. Do test runs. You are merely practicing at the skill of meeting women. Think of your first thirty days as test runs. You are gain valuable experience at approaching women, but at the same time nothing is really on the line because it is just practice.
Number four. Make rejection your best friend! No, I haven’t lost my mind. The winners are the guys who use rejection as a tool to meeting women. They approach and proposition women relentlessly and enthusiastically because they know that all a woman can do is to say no. if she does, no problem they just move on to the next woman.
Number five. Focus on being successful. That might sound like simple advice but some guys want to be successful with women, but focus on the worst case scenario. They defeat themselves before they even approach a woman by focusing on the possibility of failure just like losing athletes do. You get whatever you focus on. Winners focus on success. They expect things to go well when they approach a woman and they usually do.
Remember that by starting small, working the percentages, doing test runs and focusing on being successful you all but assure your-self of massive success with women. The most important thing is that you get your-self to take action and be persistent and you will find your self confidence building with each woman you pick up.